About us

Paid.link is the new payment platform that blows standard payment methods right out of the water. 


Paid.link is for...

  • celebrities and influencers who want to meet their fans 
  • innovators who wish to be ahead of the curve 
  • experts who wish to share their knowledge and experiences
  • freelancers who provide their services
  • those who want to make taking payments a headache of the past.


There are many ways how you can use Paid.link. But for the most part, they fall into four buckets:

Want to get compensation for your services? Create a link, send it to your clients, and they can pay you in a few clicks.

Want to host a blow-minding online event and earn at the drop of a dime? Create an event, send a link to your attendants, and get your payment immediately.

Want to make easy money? Join our partnership program to get lifetime income from each payment your friend takes. 

Want to spark your project or get some financial help? Create a donation link and raise money. 


Making money has never been that easy. Paying someone has never been such a pleasure. 


Have a question? Drop us a line: info@paid.link