How can freelancers take advantage of

We make it easy for you to get paid for your services no matter what you’re doing. will help you to save time, stay organized and make money without a hassle.


Want to benefit from Here are a few easy ways to get started:

  • Get paid for your services. First, upload the content you created or your report to any file-sharing service. Then use Paid.Link, create a new link, add the link to your content, set the price. And send the link to your client. The client will be able to pay in a few clicks to get access to your materials — and no more payment delays. 
  • Sell your time. Do you have knowledge on any subject matter and will like to earn money off it? Then there is no need to advise for free when you can make money from your expertise. For example, you can create a link to a scheduled consultation: set your price, add a link there to Zoom/Google Meet or any other platforms. Next, send this link to your client. Then the client can quickly pay for your help and get access to the scheduled event. 
  • Earn by selling your digital content. Create a guide, course, animation, music, checklist, software or any other digital product. Upload it to the file-sharing service. Create a and send it to those who are interested. Then quickly get your payments.
  • Check out your Affiliates page to get an affiliate link. Share this link with your friends and network. You will be getting a referral commission of all their sales and all the sales of 10 levels of affiliate users down for a lifetime. It can be a solid passive income.


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