How can consultants take advantage of is designed to make life easier for you and your client. You can focus on work, while we take care of your invoicing process. 


There are many ways how you can benefit from; here are listed just some of them:

  • Monetize your time. With, you can create a link to a scheduled event. Next, send this link to your client. Then the client can quickly pay for your services and get access to the scheduled event. The best part about this that you can ensure you get paid in the end.
  • Get paid for recommendations. If you provide some suggestions to your clients, upload them to any file-sharing service. Then use Paid.Link, create a new link to your content. And send it to your client. The client will be able to pay in a few clicks to get access to your materials. With, you don't need to chase clients for your cash.
  • Sell your digital products. With you can sell any product you want. For example, ebooks, written templates (scripts, résumés, emails, etc.), spreadsheets, courses, researches. 
  • Check out your Affiliates page to get an affiliate link. Share this link with your friends and network. You will be getting a referral commission of all their sales and all the sales of 10 levels of affiliate users down for a lifetime. It can be a solid passive income.


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