How to earn passive income through Affiliate Program

Making money while you sleep sounds like a dream. However, it can be your reality if you earn passive income through Affiliate Program. Passive income is money you generate with minimal activity. has the Affiliate Program that allows you to earn a lot without working much.

Wondering how to get started? Let’s jump in!

  1. Log in or sign up for
  2. Click on the "Affiliates" button
  3. Copy your referral link
  4. Just share your affiliate link with friends and network and get a percentage of their sales for a lifetime.

Now you can get up to 38% commission revenue for a lifetime. Your income is based on the percentage of all sales that users signed up with your affiliate link and users invited by them make. 

As a bonus, your friends get a lower transaction commission fee for all their sales for the first three months.

Give it a shot: