How to make money online as a yoga teacher

If you’ve ever thought about turning your love of yoga into a business, these tips are for you.


There are at least four ways to make money as a yoga teacher: 

sell your video classes

✅ sell your helpful PDF Guides 

✅ offer live online classes for your 1-on-1 students

✅ host online classes for an unlimited number of students


If you already have an engaged audience, announce your future classes on your social media pages. 



1️⃣ Run ads on Instagram and Facebook to attract more yoga students to your classes.

2️⃣ Word of mouth also can be a marketing strategy. Ask your students, friends, and family members to recommend your classes to those interested in practicing yoga. 

3️⃣ Build an online community. Share tips, your personal practices, and your favorite resources. Make friends and invite them to join your classes. 


How to get paid for your online classes:

• Schedule a class using Zoom or any streaming platform. 

• Create a paid link for your event. Add the link to your scheduled class.

• Share your paid link with your student(s) and receive money directly to your bank account.


How to sell your video classes or PDF guides with

1. Upload your videos or PDF files to any cloud storage (for example, Google Drive).

2. Sign in for

2. Go to the dashboard and press a "Create a new link" button.

3. Fill out a form: add a link to your files uploaded to your cloud storage, establish pricing, add a product name and description. If you want to limit the number of purchases, set a maximum amount of them.

4. Share your paid link with your students or followers. 

5. As soon as they pay for your videos or PDF files, money goes to your bank account.


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